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Quality Portable Toilets

Outhouse Portable Restrooms understands that special events can require something nicer than traditional portable restrooms and we can provide exactly what you need. Quality portable restrooms offer convenience, cleanliness, and plenty of toilets to ensure any outdoor event is as enjoyable as you pictured and will leave you and your guests with a better overall restroom experience. With a flushing system and wider space for comfort, our quality portable restrooms break the stereotype of unclean, smelly “porta-potties”.

Our quality restrooms offer many advantages over our traditional portable restrooms:
• Spacious & climate-controlled
• Private stalls
• Flushing toilets
• Sinks with running water
• Mirrors & Lighting

Special Events

Outhouse Portable Restrooms understand that not every event is hosted indoors or with the ease of indoor restrooms. We take pride in providing top quality portable restrooms for any and all outdoor events such as:
• Fund Raisers
• Concerts
• Festivals
• Weddings
• Birthdays
• County Fairs
• Sporting Events

We allow you and your guests to focus on the event, not the restrooms. We will deliver to any location for your event and provide quick and efficient setup as long as you leave us the room to work. If you are hosting a multiple day event we will provide quick and efficient maintenance to make sure you don’t run into problems that could stress the event.

Construction Sites

Working construction can leave you without the convenience of nearby, indoor restrooms. Outhouse Portable Restrooms are your source for construction and job site toilets and sanitation equipment. Typically we use our traditional portable restrooms for construction and work sites. We can deliver one unit or larger quantities any site and gender specific toilets on request.

Our traditional portable restrooms include:
• Single unit with one toilet
• Hand sanitizer
• Gender specific
• Plenty of room
• Secure latch that indicates “in-use” and “free”

Hand-washing Stations

What is a bathroom without a place to wash your hands? We offer hand washing stations as well as water free sanitizing dispenser stations to keep you feeling clean during any event. The hand wash stations have a paper towel dispenser included.

The hand washing station can be located either inside the portable restrooms or outside in an easily seen, convenient location. For handwashing stations inside the restrooms you will need to purchase our quality portable restrooms. These are hands-free washing stations and operated by your foot. When purchasing the traditional portable restrooms the handwashing station will be located outside the restrooms. These will also be hands-free and feet operated to eliminate additional bacteria. No matter which option you choose you can also add the water-free sanitizing dispensers.

Septic Pump Outs

Pumping your septic tank is very important and should be maintained regularly. The determination of how often you need to pump your tank is determined by the capacity of your tank, number of people using it, amount of flushing, amount of inorganic material, and the design and condition of your tank. The solids that accumulate in the bottom of your septic tank should be pumped every three years but maintained regularly. Doing this will help prolong the life of your septic tank and system and save you hundreds to thousands in repairs and replacement.

Neglect of your system can result in failure which can cause serious health threats to all using the system, can degrade the environment, and result in very costly repairs or replacements. We offer reliable services for all your septic pumping and maintenance needs. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to answer any questions you may have.

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