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Outhouse Portable Restrooms is proud to offer septic system services in St. Johns County and throughout Northeast Florida.

Outhouse Portable Restrooms is your septic tank solution throughout St. Johns County, Clay County, Duval County, and much of Northeast Florida. We expertly service your property's septic tank system, and always at a competitive rate!
Our septic services vary from new septic system installations, septic pump outs, septic inspections, septic and drainfield repairs, sump pump replacements, high water alarm repairs, lift stations, locating septic systems, and more! For years we have made septic systems our expertise and are fluent in the routine and maintenance it takes to keep a healthy working septic system in the harsh Florida climate.

What is a septic system?

A septic system is a safe and economical way to treat the wastewater that exits a house from showers, toilets, sinks, washer machines, dishwashers, and other appliances that use water.
After going down a drain, wastewater runs through pipes that are connected to a septic tank. While in the septic tank, wastewater is broken down into three layers. The first layer is called sludge which settles at the bottom of a tank and is formed of heavier solids. The second layer is scum which is made of lighter solids and greases that float at the top of the tank. Eventually, sludge and scum will fill the tank causing the need for a septic tank pump out. Meanwhile, the third layer known as liquid wastewater exits the septic tank and flows into a drainfield. The drainfield then acts as a filter and over time the layers of dirt purify the water until it reaches the groundwater stage which eventually funnels back into streams and rivers.

Why is it important to regularly maintain your septic system?

Your home or business’ septic system is one of the biggest investments you’ll make and while septic installations, pump outs, and repairs are less common it is important to regularly maintain your septic system.
Regular testing and inspections for leaks, cracks, or roots that have infiltrated a system ensures that it is breaking down waste effectively. In the long run, this will end up saving you money in repairs when something goes wrong. Save yourself from these costly repairs and ensure your tank is operating efficiently with an inspection from Outhouse Portable Restrooms today!

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